Have an Avengers Birthday Party

Party Game Ideas for an Avengers Birthday Party

An Avengers Themed Birthday Party is sure to be at the top of every Super Hero loving Birthday Boy’s list. Give your Birthday Boy and his friends an Avengers Party they’ll never forget. Thor, Captain America, the Ironman and The Incredible Hulk, “Earth’s mightiest heroes” Marvel Comics Avengers will make any party amazing.

Invite guests to come as their favorite Super Hero. It will add to the excitement and fun as the boys mimic their action packed heroes.  The Boys will love their Goodie Bags, or fill your own Avenger Loot Bags with disc launchers and stickers and candy. Avenger blowouts and masks will add to the fun. Decorate with an Avengers Birthday Banner and serve lunch on matching tableware.

The Avenger theme will lend itself to the Boys creating their own fun, especially if they’ve seen the movie, but here are a few great ideas for action packed games.

Superhero Training Course: Set up an obstacle course around your yard or inside your home with hula hoops, chairs, pillows, boxes, old tires, ropes, sports equipment, logs, trampolines, basketball and hula hoops, chairs, pillows or whatever you can use to make an obstacle course. Add challenges along the course like long jump, ball throwing, balancing beam, climbing, crawling through a small space running faster than a speeding bullet, bouncing a super ball very high, jumping off a chair, leaping over tall buildings (sofas), etc. Have a prize ready and even a certificate that you can make for having successfully completed Superhero training at one of the coolest Superhero kid birthday parties.

Super-humanly Acute Sensory Perceptions:  Fill a box with random items and have Super Hero Party Goers identify the items with their eyes covered using only touch or smell. Put lots of silly items for added fun.

Villain Chase: Divide the Boys into two groups. One group is the Super Heroes the second group are the Villains. Give the Superheroes cans of silly string spray and let them chase the Villains. Change roles.

Superhero Rescuer Task: One child is chosen to be the Superhero, and another the Villain. All the other children are line up behind the Villain holding onto the clothes of the child in front of them. The Superhero and the Villain face each other, and the Superhero now tries to rescue the children behind the Villain. The Villain stops the Superhero from rescuing the boys behind him, holding out his hands and moving from side to side with the boys behind him moving in unison to avoid being caught. Any boys that the Superhero catches stand behind the Superhero holding onto the clothes of the child in front of them, helping the Superhero catch Boys hanging onto the Villain by moving in unison behind the Villain. The game continues until all the boys are rescued. Each Boy is given a turn playing the Superhero.

One thing for sure is that the Birthday Boy and hid friends will have an amazing time at the Avengers Birthday Party!


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