Top 10 New Years Party Trends for 2012

Top 10 New Years Party Trends for 2012

2011 has been a hard year. The economy has put us through a wringer. Our moods range from occupying Wall Street to longing for a simpler time. Watch how these themes show up in 2012 New Year Celebrations. Here are our predictions for the Top 10 New Year Party Trends for 2012:

  1. Apocalypse 2012 Tribal New Years: According to the Mayan Calendar and some New Age conspiracy theorists, this could be our last New Year’s: The Mayan Calendar and presumably the world will end December 21st, 2012. If we’re going out you may want to do it with a bang. The apocalypse/tribal theme is showing up in fashion and lifestyle circles. This party is a fusion of cultures with a primitive edge which  permeates the music and the fashion. Dancing and drumming are part of the party. An Apocalypse 2012 Tribal themed party is perfect for a wild time.
  2. Roaring 20’s New Year’s: Designers are predicting a flapper comeback with the remake of The Great Gatsby and the television series Boardwalk Empire. The Twenties are a big trend for next year and always a great New Year’s party theme. New Year’s is about glamour and the jazz age is full of it with speakeasies and gangsters. Your guests will love celebrating a roaring 20’s New Year’s.
  3. 60’s Glam New Year’s: The 60’s wasn’t just Hippies. Remember the stylish Jackie Kennedy and the Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.? The 60’s had a classy side. Current music by Michael Buble is a reflection of the resurgence of 60’s Glam. With the recent releases of My Week with Marilyn and J. Edgar, we predict a 60’s Glam trend that is perfect for celebrating New Year’s.
  4. Black & White New Year’s: In 1966 Truman Capote held a Black and White Ball at the New York Plaza Hotel. Coined “The Party of the Century”, everyone who was anyone wanted to go. Guests wore masks and only black and white, and women carried fans. Black and White parties have made a resurgence and are wonderful for New Year’s Celebrations. Black and White Parties make for amazing pictures.
  5. The Sophisticated Soiree New Years: A Soiree is an evening party or other gathering hosted usually at a private house, especially where guests are invited to listen to, play, or dance to music. With all the singing and dancing shows that have been popular recently, a Sophisticated Soiree party is sure to be a hit. Have your guests dress sophisticated and prepare a piece with which to entertain the other guests. They can sing, play an instrument, read a poem, tell a story, or entertain with other talents.
  6. Old Hollywood Casino New Year’s: Games of chance are exciting and a great way to spend New Year’s. Have guests dress up as old Hollywood Stars, then come out and spend New Year’s with Lady Luck. The sounds of rolling dice and spinning wheels adds atmosphere and fun, and costumes give everyone a chance to become a big screen star. How could an Old Hollywood Casino New Year’s not be a winner?
  7. Comfy New Years: A Cozy New Years is about spending time with family and close friends. No fuss and easy, everyone relaxes and plays some board games. Comfort is the key here. Wear comfortable clothing. Play some nice music, sit by the fire or have lots of candles. You’ll want to use disposable dishes, maybe order pizza. Bang on the pots at midnight.
  8. Depression Chic New Year’s: Sales of just about anything related to the Great Depression have been soaring: books, music, and fashion. The simplicity and perceived honesty of the Great Depression period resonate now that people see themselves as the modern-day counterparts of the Great Depression generation. Have your guests step into the Dirty 30’s with a Depression Chic New Year’s. Singing Auld Lang Syne this year will hold a lot of meaning.
  9. Anarchist Ball New Year’s: There is a little rebel in everyone and an Anarchist Ball is an opportunity to let your inner revolutionary out. Black is the colour; hold the ties. Have your guests punk out with face covering bandanas and ripped jeans.  An Anarchist Ball is a cut loose, no holds barred party. They’ll say if you remember the Anarchist Ball you weren’t there.
  10. Jersey Shore New Year’s Party: Now this will be fun! Guests dress in the Guido style made popular on the Jersey Shore. Be loud, be young, and be bold! Drinking is an almost obligatory activity on New Year’s and on The Jersey Shore. Welcome 2012 in the trendiest pop culture style.

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