Top Ten 2013 Halloween Trends

2013 Hottest Halloween Costume Trends

You’ve been waiting for it. Every year we let you know what the Top Ten Latest Halloween Costume Trends are. After all we are the “Go to Place” for Halloween Costumes. There are some great new costume trends for 2013 that we can’t wait to share with you. One of the exciting trends this year is that costumes for men have become much more interesting. Men’s Costumes have finally caught up to the 21st centaury and anything she can do, he can do too! There is a little play with gender bending as women maintain their femininity while sporting moustaches. Steampunk adds juxtaposition with combining an industrial old west with sci-fi. Day of the Dead Costumes for men and women echo Halloween traditions and Club Candy takes Costumes to the neon rave scene. Morph Suits have continued their metamorphosis into printed Second Skins and inflated Infl8’s that you have to see to believe. Revert to your childhood in a Monster Muppet Costume; flex your muscles in a Muscle Costume, or prepare for the end of the world or a Zombie Outbreak in a Biohazard Hazmat Suit. Best of all we now carry Costume Contacts to change the colour of your eyes. Halloween has never been better!



Steampunk: Steampunk is just about the hottest new look to hit the costume scene. This cross between western and sci-fi looks great on both men and women. There are so many choices and looks in Steampunk that it’s easy to put together a unique look. We have Steampunk accessories to customize your costume with top hats, bowler hats, goggles, watches and Steampunk jewelry.
  Crazy Eyes: You asked for it! We have it! Costume Contacts will make you look unbelievable. Our Crazy Lens Contacts come in amazing styles like Dragon eyes, cats eyes, lenses with leopard print or spider web design, red lenses or glow lens and lenses that are blacked out. Wear Crazy Lens and your friends won’t be able to take their eyes off you.
  Printed Skin Suits: Skin suits continue to evolve. The popular plain colourful suits became printed, then last year the latest trend was to accessorize. This year there are even more surprises as skin suits have progressed into costumes with printed designs of favorite characters like Chewbacca, Superman and Darth Vader, or great tuxedos, skeleton or exposed muscle print. What skin will you wear?

Infl8’s:The latest in inflatable costumes, Infl8’s are another twist on the skin suit. These blow up colourful costumes come in green, red, blue and black. Infl8’s scream antics and are another costume that is definitely fun to dress up in as a group. One thing that is for sure with this costume more is more.
Club Candy: Club Candy features brightly candy coloured clothes and accessories. Go wild with tutus and furry leg warmers. The neon colours will make you pop. Add matching glovettes, large candy jewelry, over the top wigs. You’ll look like one of the club kids ready for a night out. No need to worry about the stroke of midnight. You’ll be up till dawn!
  Moustaches: Moustaches are hot this year, especially for women. Turned up moustaches are all the rage with great accessories like Moustaches on a stick, ring and necklace moustache jewelry, and temporary moustache fingers tattoos. Best yet many of the Moustaches come in pink or black. A Moustache on a stick or Moustache finger tattoo can be terribly flirty and can take your costume to a new level
  Muscle Costumes: Get amazing abs without working out! We have fabulous muscle costumes this year like this cool Duffman Classic Costume that carries your beer. Look Mom no hands! There are lots of other great Muscle Costumes including many super hero ones like Caption America, The Hulk, and Super Man. You can also get great Muscle Costumes in Muscle Chest Shirts like Batman, Robin, The Flash, and Superman to wear with your jeans.
  Monster Muppet: Our Monster Muppet Madness Costume is just too much fun. The costume comes in pink or blue. Get one for you and your friend to dress up as this hilarious Muppet duo. These interplanetary visitors from Sesame Street known as the Martians or Yip-Yips are renowned for talking to clocks, phones and computers with their “un ha, un ha, yip, yip” language. Our Monster Muppet Madness Costume is a sure fire way to get the party started!
Zombie Outbreaks & Biohazard Hazmat Suit:It’s not surprising that after 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar that our thoughts would turn to global disasters and contagion outbreaks. You’ve seen it in the movies and now the hazard response is showing up in costumes. After all if you’re going to have a disaster you need someone in a Biohazard Hazmat Suit. Of course there is no disaster quite as captivating as a Zombie Outbreak. Zombies just keep getting bigger and bigger. So it stands to reason that Zombies will figure big for Halloween in 2013.
  Day of the Dead: The Day of the Dead is a traditional classic Halloween theme that’s re-emerging. You will be amazed at our exquisite Day of the Dead Costumes with a superb selection for men and women. Day of the Dead Costumes combine eerie skeletal effects and day of the dead designs to create compelling costumes that are not so much frightening as impossible to take your eyes off of.
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