Top Ten New Years Party Trends for 2014

Top Ten New Years Party Trends for 2014: This year old and retro is in for New Years. Steampunk with steam-powered industrialized western sci-fi takes you back to the Victorian era with an alternate technology. The counter culture of the sixties has re-emerged in the independent creative Hipsters described as the embodiment of postmodernism. The 80’s and 90’s feature big in fashion trends and you can go leg warmers with Raves or Dallas for New Years. Fast forward to the future and hold a Star wars Cantina New Years. If you want a traditional New Years Party with a little twist try a Hot Havana Salsa party or turn in the regular New Year’s silver and gold for a Crimson New Year. 2014 is going to be a great year.


  Hipster New Years: Go alternative this year with a Hipster New Years Party. Ring in 2014 with a post midnight barista jam as the antidote to the pre New Years beer drinking. Wicked. If you are a Hipster your friends will dress Hipster all the time and will be all ready for a chillax New Years; otherwise invite your friends to come as their inner Hipster and prepare to blow their wigs.
  Crimson New Years: Tired of the same old, same old gold or silver New Years theme that everyone has? Give your New Years Party some pizzazz this year with a Crimson New Years Party. A vibrant red themed Party will add some energy to your New Years. Red is entirely romantic, no need to wait for Valentines day. Decorate with red, wear red, and serve red food and wine. Red is the new purple.
  Hot Havana Nights Salsa Party New Years: Make your New Years Party sizzling hot with a Hot Havana Nights Salsa Party. Tropical vibes with spicy food makes a Hot Havana Nights Salsa Party a great way to welcome in the New Years. Dance the night away to salsa in a palm tree paradise.
  Games Night New Years: Not everyone likes wild parties at New Years. Some people prefer to spend New Years with a few close friends. Playing board games is a popular New Years activity for the quiet set. The emphasis is on spending time with family and friends. No fuss and easy, everyone relaxes and plays some board games. Comfort is the key here. Wear comfortable clothing. Play some nice music, sit by the fire or have lots of candles. You’ll want to use disposable dishes, maybe order pizza. Bang on the pots at midnight.

Club Candy Rave New Years: Create a Rave atmosphere with lasers, black lights, strobe lights and fog machines. This will give you the Rave atmosphere to dance in the New Year. Go Club Candy to add a pop as your party goers move to the rhythmic beats of the music in a neon decorated room. By midnight everyone will be ready for a cuddle puddle. A Club Candy Rave Party is pure Plur.
   Dallas New Years: Big hair and big shoulders are featured in this Texas extravaganza New Years, and of course Cowboy Hats. A Dallas New Years party is all about indulging and flaunting it.   For a Dallas New Years you go big or go home and nobody does it bigger than Texan Millionaires. With the return of the iconic TV prime time soap opera Dallas it’s a great way to begin the year.
  Steampunk New Years: Steampunk is something old and something new blending the romanticism of the Victorian Era with a sort of sci-fi technology. It makes for interesting fashion and an amazing theme for a New Years Party. After all on New Years we’re right on the edge of the old year and the new. Steampunk has all the bells, whistles and gears to ring in the new year.

Alien New Years Bash: Remember the Star Wars Bar at the edge of the galaxy? Recreate the notorious Mos Eisley Cantina for an unforgettable New Years. It’s where we first meet Hans Solo and Chewie and the adventure begins. It’s a fitting theme for a New Years Party because it is mysterious, exciting and marks the beginning of a new year and new adventures to come in 2014. Invite your guests to come dressed as freight pilots and dangerous characters and let the music begin.
  80’s & 90’s New Years: The 80’s and 90’s are oh so 2014, or so says the poster at one of New York’s hottest night clubs. We agree. Celebrate New Years with an 80’s and 90’s themed party. Wear leg warmers and dance to Madonna or your favorite Boy Band, add some grunge for good measure. It truly never gets old.
  Canadian New Years: Follow the year as 2014 arrives in every province, starting with Newfoundland at 7:30 our time. Add hors d’oeuvres and snacks to fit each region as New Years passes from sea to shinning sea. Your Guests will want to sing OH Canada as you celebrate 2014 Canadian style.

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